When creating our Samadhi Massage Centre, without any doubt, our masseuses are the most important part, the factor that we have selected with the greatest care and dedication, over and above the effort and care that we have invested in the design and decoration of the facilities and in every other detail of the centre. For this reason, we are sure that our masseuses are the main reason for which so many clients come back and become devoted clients of SAMADHI.

Our masseuses are Spanish and are specially trained for our special massage services.

Masseuse Cloe Samadhi Sevilla

Cloe Masseuse

Masseuse Lucia Samadhi Sevilla

Lucia Masseuse

Masajista Nicol Samadhi

Yaiza Masseuse

Masseuse Martina Samadhi Sevilla

Martina Masseuse

Masseuse David Samadhi Sevilla

David Masseuse

Masseuse Marcos Samadhi Sevilla

Marcos Masseuse

Masseuse Elian Samadhi Sevilla

Elian Masseuse

Samadhi Oriental Massage Center

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